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Regulations of Compilation and Translation Committee


Regulations of Press Council

The Committee of Compilation and Translation considers the issues relevant to the authorship, translation and assessment of scientific, academic, and interdisciplinary works on medical sciences. Any valuable works on medical sciences presented by faculty members and experts of Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences for publishing should be approved by this committee and undergo the steps mentioned as the duties of Committee of Compilation and Translation of Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences.

Definitions of Terms

Compilation: A work by a person or persons in a particular subject in which the idea of others are coherently collected.

Translation: A work directly translated from foreign languages into Persian or vice versa with the preservation of the original content.

Book publishing process: 

  1. Obtaining the approval of Committee for compilation and translation;
  2. Obtaining the information on Cataloging-in-Publication (CIP);
  3. Inserting the logo on the cover of the book;
  4. Inserting the name of the university under the logo; and
  5. Inserting the name and title of the author(s) on books.


  1. Examining the requests of authors and translators for compilation, translation, and editing;
  2. Corresponding with the compilation and translation bureau of medical books of the Ministry of Health to ensure no material will be duplicated;
  3. Informing the translator to start translating the book in case of not being duplicated;
  4. Determining and paying the grant for reviewing the books;
  5. Determining and paying the grant to the owner(s) of the books after publishing with the permission of the publisher;
  6. Buying books from the owner(s) and sending them to other medical universities under the Press Council license;
  7. Introducing the compilation and translation conditions to translators and the authors;
  8. Responding to clients and providing the necessary solutions relevant to compilation and translation;
  9. Holding the Press Council meetings;
  10. Providing the file for related records; and
  11. Archiving the records related to compilation and translation.


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