-Promotion of the academic staff in educational, research, and clinical level in order to improve their efficiency and efficacy;
-Enhancing the role of the school in education and research in order to offer strategic plans at the national levels in nursing;
-Expanding collaboration with national and international research centers;
-Improving the educational and research services in order to promote the students scientifically and qualitatively;
- Growing and expanding of graduate studies at the school;
-Expanding scientific information technology, and collaborating with national and international research centers;
-Establishing nursing, midwifery, and OP research centers in order to develop and expand researches in these fields;
-Mounting the physical site of the school for educational and research activities;
-Growing the supervising control systems at educational, research, and clinical levels for the school;
-Promoting the role of the school in educational, training, and research affairs, and offering national approaches in nursing and midwifery;
-Expanding cultural activities in order to empower correct moral, cultural, political, and social values among students, personnel, and the academic staff
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