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Cellular & Molecular Research Center
Approval of principles: 2005/09/13
Date of notification of principle approval signed by senior officials of the university: 2006/02/19
Date of final approval from the ministry: 2007/10/28

To promote research and provide solutions for health care and according to the statute of the Cellular and Molecular Research Center that called research center in this statute were principal approved to provide the following objectives: 
1. Development and application of human knowledge in the sciences
2. Performing basic clinical and epidemiological researches in order to reform health care of country in order to responding of Islamic community necessity.
3. Gathering, regulation and classification of documents, articles and documents and publish them
4. Training of human researcher resources in medical and paramedical fields
5. Promote, encourage and employment of researchers
6. Attempt to attract the attention and cooperation of research centers and related executive in the country
7. Scientific cooperation with research and educational centers of other countries, and international organizations with the compliance of laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran
- Central elements are including:
A) The supreme council
B) Head of department

- Members of the supreme council of the research center are including:
1. Head of the University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
2. Research deputy of University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
3. Deputy of health affairs of University of Medical Sciences and health services
4. Head of department
5. Three members of scientific staffs proposed by the head of center and confirmed by the head of the university

- Tasks of supreme council are as follows:
1. Approving of the policy of research center
2. Approving of partnership plans with other universities and research and educational institutions in inside and outside of the country and international organizations according to the relevant rules and regulations
3. Investigation and approval of the annual report of research activities
4. Investigation and approval of the annual budget of center in range of allocation points and in compliance with legal regulations
5. Approving of instructions and operating procedures related to the internal affairs of the supreme council of research center
6. Organization suggestion and headquarters
The resolutions of the supreme council are will be according to the policies and co-ordination with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.
Head of department according to the offers of the Supreme Council and the judgment of the head of the University of Medical Sciences is appointed every four years and his re-election is permitted.

Head of research center duties:
Head of the research center is the highest authority of the center and will act the responsibilities and duties on legal regulations and decisions of the Supreme Council.

Members of the center:
Center has two types of members as follows:
A) Link members: The full-time faculty staffs and experts of the center.
B) Dependent members: The faculty staffs of other groups of University of Medical Sciences or other universities and institutions of higher education.

- Clause 9- Financial resource of center:
A) Revenues from center service according to the legal regulations
B) Contributions and gifts by natural and legal persons
C) In case of allocation of public funds

Due to the council directive on the development of medical universities, this statute in 9 clauses and a note was approved.
Obviously, if in accordance with administrative instructions the license based on the executive medical research centers (public - private) and how to evaluate them approved by the council of universities in 2002/5/10, this center within the deadline predicted, was unable to obtain final approval, this statute will be void.

Head of Research Center:
Keihan Ghatreh-Samani,
Ph.D. of Clinical Biochimistry

Research Center Staffs
Mohammad Rahimi-Madiseh: Deputy Director of the Institute
Payam Ghasemi-Dehkordi: Director of the Institute and Researcher
Marziyeh Abolhasani: Lab technician
Sedigheh Kazemi: Lab technician
Fatemeh Heibati: Lab technician
Shahrbanou Parchami-Barjouei: Lab technician
Science Committee
Board of Founders:
Keihan Ghatreh-Samani, Associated Professor of Clinical Biochemistry
Effat Farrokhi, Assistance Professor of Molecular Medicine
Ebrahim Saedi-Dezaki, Associated Professor of Medical Parasitology
Mohammad-Saeid Jami, Assistant Professor of Biotechnology
Abolfazl Gholipour, Assistance Professor of Bacteriology

Supreme Council:
Prof. Morteza Hashemzadeh-Chaleshtori, Prof. Mahmoud Rafieian, Prof. Hedayatollah Shirzad, Dr. Abdolmajid Fadaei, Dr. Seyed Kamal Solati, Dr. Keihan Ghatreh-Samani

Research Council:
Prof. Hedayatollah Shirzad, Prof. Morteza Hashemzadeh-Chaleshtori, Dr. Kourosh Manouchehri Naeini, Dr. Soraya Ghasemi, Dr. Abolfazl Khoshdel, Dr. Keihan Ghatreh-Samani, Dr. Maryam Anjomshoa, Dr. Hossein Teimori, Dr. Effat Farokhi, Dr. Seyed Abbas Mirzaei, Dr. Fatemeh Elahian, Dr. Morteza Dehghan, Dr. Mohammad-Saeid Jami, Dr. Abolfazl Gholipour, Dr. Masoud Hafizi, Dr. Masoud Amiri

Main areas of research:
Medical biotechnology, Genetic diseases, Deafness, Cancer, Stem cells, Cell culture

Scientific and educational cooperation between Tarbiat Modares University of Medical Sciences and Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences
This agreement letter in the two versions set on 06/12/2010.

An agreement between the Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences on representing Doctor Mohammad Kiani and Isfahan University of Medical Sciences on representing Doctor Shahin Shirani
This agreement letter in the two versions set on 20/06/2008.

An agreement/contract between the Health Services of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services of Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences.
This agreement letter in the two versions set on 30/09/2007.

An agreement between the Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences and Growth center of Technology department of Shahrekord University 
This agreement letter set on 25/08/2009.

An agreement of scientific cooperation between the National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology and Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences
This agreement letter set on 20/11/2010.
Genetics Engineering, Tissue Engineering, Cytogenetic, Biobank, Cell culture (Stem Cells)

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