Professor Info
Group leader: Leili Rabiei
Group Name: Public Health
Affiliation: School of Health

Research Activities:
• Qualitative study
• interventional study in Health Education & Promotion
• interventional study in public health
• Psychometric and questionnaire development

Selected Publications:
1. Caring in an atmosphere of uncertainty: perspectives and experiences of caregivers of peoples undergoing haemodialysis in Iran Leili Rabiei, Ahmad Ali Eslami, HeidarAli Abedi, Reza Masoudi, Gholam Reza Sharifirad Scandinavian journal of caring sciences2016;30(3), 594-601
2. Evaluation of the Effect of Physical Activity Programs on Self-Esteem and Body Mass Index of Overweight Adolescent Girls, based on Health Belief Model with School-Centered Approach International Journal of Pediatrics2018;6(2), 7103-7116
3. Sleep quality and spiritual well-being in hemodialysis patients, Ahmad Ali Eslami, Leili Rabiei, Freidoon Khayri, Mohammad Reza Rashidi Nooshabadi, Reza Masoudi. Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal2014;16(7)
4. COPING SKILLS OF IRANIAN FAMILY CAREGIVERS’ IN CARETAKING OF PATIENTS UNDERGOING HAEMODIALYSIS: A QUALITATIVE STUDY, Ahmad Ali Eslami1 , Leili Rabiei1 , Heidar Ali Abedi2 , Majid Shirani3 , Reza Masoudi4 Journal of renal care 2017;42 (3),162-171.
5. Dedication in caring of hemodialysis patients: Perspectives and experiences of Iranian family caregivers AA Eslami, L Rabiei, M Shirani, R Masoudi Indian journal of palliative care 2018;24 (4), 486

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