Professor Info
Group leader: Mahmoud Mobasheri
Group Name: Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Affiliation: School of Health

Research Activities:
  • Epidemiology of fatal accidents referred to the forensic medicine center
  • Study of Epidemiological Characteristics of Twins
  • Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of traditional medicine in Customer care centers

Selected Publications:
1. Mobasheri M, Moghaddasi J, Moradi M.Intervention for behavioral chang in Funeral Ceremonis in Isalmic Republic of Iran.Journal of Epidemiology and preventive Medicine.2015. 1(3).113
2. Mobasheri M, Kheiri S, Mardanpour E, Bakhshi S. Effects of epidemiology learning software on nursing and midwifery students. MJIRI, Vol. 28.137. 24 November 2014.
3. Mobasheri M, Saedi Varnamkhast N,. Karimi A, Banaeiyan s.Prevalence study of genital tract infections in pregnant women referred to health centers of Iran, Turkish journal of medical science, (2014) 44:232-236.
4. Masoudi R, Sharifi Faradonbeh A, MobasheriM, and Moghadasi J . The effects of progressive muscle relaxation technique on pain management in multiple sclerosis , Journal of Musculoskeletal pain, Vol 21 (4):350-357 
5. Mobasheri M, van Teijlingen E and Smith W. C. S., Some observations on the varying quality of scottish lifestyle surveys when attempting to measure obesity and overweight, Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters, Volume 9, Supplement 2, 2004, 89-92.

Current Address: Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Health, Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences, Shahrekord, Iran.
P.O. Box: 88155383
Tel: +98 38 33333448
Fax: +98 38 33334678
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