Professor Info
Group leader: Shiva Asadpour
Group Name: Tissue Engineering
Affiliation: School of Advanced Technology

Research Activities:

tissue engineering




cardiac tissue engineering

Selected Publications:

1. Davoudi, P., Assadpour, S., Derakhshan, M.A., (...), Solouk, A., Ghanbari, H. Biomimetic modification of polyurethane-based nanofibrous vascular grafts: A promising approach towards stable endothelial lining. Materials Science and Engineering C 2017, 80, pp. 213-221.

2. Ghorbani, M., Ai, J., Nourani, M.R., (...), Asadpour, S., Bordbar, S. Injectable natural polymer compound for tissue engineering of intervertebral disc: In vitro study. Materials Science and Engineering C 2017, 80, pp. 502-508.

3. Asadpour, S., Yeganeh, H., Ai, J., Ghanbari, H. A novel polyurethane modified with biomacromolecules for small-diameter vascular graft applications. Journal of Materials Science 2018, 53(14), pp. 9913-9927.

4. Boroumand, S., Asadpour, S., Akbarzadeh, A., Faridi-Majidi, R., Ghanbari, H. Heart valve tissue engineering: An overview of heart valve decellularization processes. Regenerative Medicine 2018, 13(1), pp. 41-54.

5. Asadpour, S., Yeganeh, H., Ai, J., (...), Seifalian, A., Ghanbari, H. Polyurethane-Polycaprolactone Blend Patches: Scaffold Characterization and Cardiomyoblast Adhesion, Proliferation, and Function. ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering 2018, 4(12), pp. 4299-4310.


Address: Tissue Engineering, School of Advanced Technologies, Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences, Shahrekord, Iran.

Tel: +98-38-33335651-4

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