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January 18, 2019
Wellcome to Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences !
The publication office (publications committee) of Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences, founded in 1993, mainly acts as a focal point for all scientific publishing affairs at the university and is affiliated to Vice Chancellery for Research and Technology of the University.
The mission of the Academic Publication Office is to encourage the researchers and practitioners to write and/or translate the issues in medical sciences including basic, clinical, and interdisciplinary ones. Also encourage the researchers to publish papers in scientific journals. Furthermore it introduce journals to internationally renowned indexes, and streamline the academic publication process at SKUMS.
The duties of the office include:
Establishing and reviewing the publishing standards of the publisher for scientific books and journals.
Controlling the quality of technical features of the books and journals. Also developing and updating journal portals.
Overseeing the publication schedule of the books and journals and other technical aspects of publication.
Regulation of communications with indexing bodies; indexing archives such as PMC, DOAJ, ISC, etc., and governmental and international organizations like commission for accreditation and improvement of Iranian Medical Journals, ICMJE, COPE, etc.
Providing technical consultation services and feedback for journals as well as holding workshops on medical journalism and related matters for the editorial teams.
Providing some incentives such as grant and purchase for the works that are offered to the authors by this committee.
Reporting periodically to policy making bodies in the university.
Our Journals:
Some of the Published Books:

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